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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Covid-19 Creates Bankruptcy Tidal Wave

The number of people filing for bankruptcy could set records next year. And, while bankruptcy reform artificially spurred the 2005 record of nearly 2.1 million cases filed, this peak will be all about the reality of a Covid-19-blasted economy. That’s a bankruptcy tidal wave of a different color.  Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankrupcty Courts Struggle to Salvage Businesses

Experts foresee so many filings in the coming months that the courts could struggle to salvage the businesses that are worth saving. Already, companies large and small are succumbing to the effects of the coronavirus. They include household names like Hertz and J.  Read More 


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Record Bankruptcies Predicted as Unemployment Soars

Bankruptcies related to Covid-19 shutdowns will set records in the next 12 months, according to Edward Altman, the professor emeritus at New York University’s Stern School of Business who developed a widely used method called the Z-score for predicting business failures.  Read More